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Mission digital online Minsk, Belarus!
Internet presentation of a business project for the search for employees, partners and start-ups.
The ecosystem center for the construction, investing and management of start-ups.
Factory Startups, with the conveyor for the formation, packaging, launch and promotion.
All conditions and in one place for successful start and development of start-ups.
Our startup as a system, aims to solve problems in a comprehensive and holistic manner from A to Z.

On will create an information portal, in the field of technology and innovation.
On the basis of which a centralized unified ecosystem is created.
We create: an accelerator, a busines-incubator, a laboratory for creating prototypes, a training laboratory (for soft
skills enhancement), coworking, a hostel and an investment fund (which will invest in various stages of the start-up:
pre-seed, seed and round A).
And also we combine into groups: developers, "technicians", engineers for the development of specific products.
Plus holding different levels of significance events, pitches, metapes, hakatons, networking.
Stay with us!
To be in the know, interesting news and events in the field!

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Start-up Nation Belarus.
Startup in Belarus. Innovation Belarus. Technologies in Belarus.
Minsk is a great place for crypto start-ups.
Blockchain technology Belarus.
ParkBy PHT Your best chance to start business in Belarus.
Great stone, Industrial Park Development Company Minsk, Your best chance to start business in Belarus.
Startup from Belarus: Viber, World of tanks, EPAM, MSQRD(Facebook), Kino-mo,, Fabby, AIMatter(Google), PandaDoc, Apalon, Juno, these and many other products control the appearance of Belarusians.
"There is a chance to catch up with America." The PHT was told how we are cool in artificial intelligence
One America to overtake is this motivates?
Better at once the whole world! That's the motivation! How are you?
Is it better to surpass than to overtake?

❶➔ Great offer!

Attention!! Involvement of an investor for the implementation of projects.

Mobilization of investment. Looking for an investor.
Wanted of investor. Venture capital, capitalist, fund. Investment bank. Long- term investment.

Investment in successful startup of IT-projects, web,
start-ups, design of applications, games, and other.

Great opportunities.
Attraction: Sponsor, Philanthropist, Philanthropy, Benefactor, Donator, Maecenas, Donor, Subsidiary, Grants, Patron, Grant.
With or Without You?!

❶➔ Public offer

The site works on the principles of natural law and the basic laws of the universe. Any disputable situations are resolved in a human way, without the presence of 3 persons (and even more so the courts of commercial firms of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, etc.).

We interact only with persons who are in the status of a free person (male or female). If, for any reason, you are not in this status, then immediately leave the site

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Performing any actions through the site you fully agree with its policies and these rules.

Rules may be amended or modified at any time, without prior notice.
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❶➔ Presentation of the project and answers to questions. Customers, their needs, problems. Our product and value, differences and innovations. And a little about the technology!

❶➔ Prehistory.

➔ How did it all start? It's banal from simple!
Like many other start-ups, we ourselves are faced with difficulties, which will be discussed later.
And we know what tasks are before us, how to solve them, and we solve them.

➔ There was training, training, beverage information, domain registration. The birth and nurturing of plans, ideas, with their formation into a whole. Registration date: 08-10-2012
(SiliconValleyBy, SiliconValleybye).

❶➔ Now there is already a readiness and letters are sent to investors, one of them is being read by you! With or without you ?!

❶➔ Start.

➔ The project aims to create a successful eco-environment, an ecosystem with all conditions.
Search, formation, team, innovation, technology, development, testing, creation, financing, promotion, media, implementation, users, monetization, commercialization of innovative products, customer, service, with sequential and parallel management, in the following areas:

➔ Development of educational programs with a focus on the technological sector.
Based on the realities, opportunities and needs of society.
And the educational process itself in these areas. (edu tech, education technology, education technologies, teaching technology, educational technologies). (soft skills).

➔ Accelerator - (acceleration)
(Creation and management).

➔ Business incubator (incubation, incubator)
(creation and management).

➔ Coworking www.Коворкинг.бел (creation and management).

➔ AiTi Hostel for visitors from the regions www.хостел.бел (creation and management).

➔ Conducting hackathons ( hackathon, marathon, developer forum).

➔ Networking (activities, network, networks, connections, useful acquaintances). Conducting a pitch-session, competitions of start-ups with innovative projects. Presentation for the elevator (or speech for the elevator) - a short story about the concept of a product, project or service. The term reflects the limited time - the length of the presentation should be such that it can be fully told during the journey by the elevator, that is, about thirty seconds or 100-150 words.

➔ Conducting - fablab, the laboratory is a small workshop, which provides the possibility of individual independent production of the products and parts necessary for them (prototype, prototyping, prototype). Such a laboratory usually has, in addition to hand tools and measuring instruments, modern CNC machines, 3D printers, etc.

➔ Media / Inform. resource: (Silicon Valley By, Silicon Valley Bai) (technopark, technology park, those park) (technology) (innovation) (infrastructure) (international)
Soc. network. (14382 members of the group, the resource will be converted into the required format).

➔ Partner investment in the phase of presowing and seeding stages: (seed fund) (business angels) (start invest)
www.Инвестор.бел ( investor, investments)

➔ As well as investing a startup on rounds: (round, investing start-ups on rounds), (venture capital), (capital), (private capital),
Investment. Mobilization of investments. Search, attraction.

❶➔ Develop a specific product and use:

➔ An example is (site creation, ➔ search and collection of specialists in the field of artificial intelligence, ➔ creation of intelligent machines capable of intelligent computer programs, systems performing creative functions of artificial intelligence, ➔ using them)
➔ These domain names are terms used in world practice.
They are sufficiently informative and bear the essence with the direction of the development of projects! (information security) (machine learning) (in-depth training, in-depth study), (application, program), (algorithm, algorithms) (mobile application), (deep binding) (internet of things), (the standard of cellular communication for telemetry devices with low volumes of data exchange). (energy efficient long-range network) (smart data, smart data) (computer vision) (virtual reality, artificial reality) (mixed reality) (clean technology) (clean energy) (energy storage) (green energy) (renewable energy) (energy, energy) (nuclear) (neuronet) (neural network) (sound) (space) (aerospace) (aeronet) (hypertip) (supersonic) (flying machine) (lidar) (bio-medical) (bionet) (health technology) (healthcare network) (robot lab) (calculations) (cloud computing) (computer science, computer science) (cognitive, cognitive) (cognitive computing) (quantum computing) (financial technologies) (mobile banking) (transaction, transaction) (currency) (Crypto currency) (crypto valley) (cryptohab, crypto-hub) (Satoshi Nakamoto) (currency exchange) (crypto-commercial) (crypto-mining) (initial coin placement) (selling tokens) (initial offer of coins, initial coin placement) (block) (blocking information, block technology) (selling to the crowd) is the collective cooperation of people with the aim of pooling their funds or other resources to finance a project that goes to the ICO. (virtual assistant) (clever dust) (4d printing) (smart robot, smart robot) (launch platform, launch platform)

➔ Collect, search, association: developers, engineers, technicians.
We also invite single developers, development teams.
On the above specific areas, products.
General teamwork, for greater efficiency.
Center, base, club, hub, cluster, campus.
Cooperation, enthusiasm, synergy.

➔ 2nd phase.
Finance, broker, stock exchange.
Increase financial literacy. (first financial buy) (stock exchange). (stock market). (Asset, assets, valuable deposit, property).

➔ Goals with achieving a commercial result, their measurability and prescribed clear deadlines.

➔ Plan of action for future development: step-by-step sequential and parallel. With the road map of the project.

➔ Management company.

➔ The investment fund uniting all the names in the same group as Fund ZCredo Capital Partners.

➔ (holding).

➔ The mood for long-term, long-playing.

We simply and easily go to our goal.
We do not know how to get there, probably according to the strategy.
But We'll Do It, We Just Need to Cope!
With or without you ?!

Engage in the streaming process from the search, formation, as well as the creation, with the investment (attraction) as well as the promotion of innovative products with management (according to the complete management function) With the receipt of intermediate (phased-phase / cyclical) results, as well as final results.

The dream will allow and become in Belarus the most significant taxpayers in the country, for a long time.

Study of demand.

How it works

Stage one:
Creation of commands.
Creation of a lot of information and product resources (sites) on templates and on individual solutions, developments, filling them with content, output to top positions.
Users, Clients.
Attraction of advertisers.
Parallel search for investors.
Stage two:
Attraction, collection and formation of teams for IT products with specific objectives and objectives.
Further development, management (projects, products programs) and their commercialization.
Parallel search for investors for specific projects. Creation and management of an investment fund.
Stage: the third - the tenth.
Information management. resource
Create and manage +
Parallel and serial connection:
Development of educational programs
Business incubator
Coworking www.Corking.bel.
Conducting hackathons
Pitch session
Development of a specific product and use.
+ Outsourcing.
Investing Fund ZCredo Capital Partners.
Our team.
Our team is not fully staffed yet, and you have a great opportunity, a chance to join our team!
Founder, Ideologist, producer and mentor of the project. A person with a wide range of interests and a broad outlook on everything. Serial
entrepreneur, it-shnik, innovator, researcher, naturalist, investor partner, architect-conceptologist. A creative person, an organizer, an initiator, an enthusiast. Founder of the first casting studio in the Republic of Belarus "De Art +" / Administrator in UP "Creativity" under the Central Committee. BRSM. / The head of cultural programs of the OO BSVVA. Experience in creating mass events.
Programmers, developer, imposer, designers. journalists, lawyer, accountant, SMM and SEO specialists. Active sales managers. Project manager. Marketer.
Do you want to join the team? Send your resume!
We need those who know how to attract leads and sell, Accounts, + Those who can do courses, Work with students + Those who can work with mentors and + Those who can go out to companies. + Project coordinator and technicians.
There may be your photo!
Wanted: developer, development team. On the above specific areas, products.
❶➔ Vacancies

Recruitment and collection of the team in an interesting prospective project (statrup)

At the first stage we need:
2 - Project Manager
2 - Programmer / Junior Developer
2 - Developer
2 - Senior Developer
2- Marketer.
2 - Web Designer.
2 - SEO Specialist / SMM Specialist.
2- Manager for active sales.
3 - Journalists / copywriters. Who write - or would like to write - about technology, start-ups and people, significant for Belarusian and world IT. Interest in the world of technology, the ability and desire to generate ideas, search for topics, the experience of creating deep and fascinating journalistic texts, curiosity and responsibility, acquaintance with the Minsk IT industry. The vacancy is also suitable for technical specialists who want to try themselves in IT journalism.

Please attach a short story about yourself and links to your work.

The schedule it can be on free time

No payments at the first stage! Motivation and speed.

Have a suggestion?

Write to us!
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The highest goal of activity
  • Great deeds consist of small successive actions.
  • Even a diamond needs a cut.
  • Step by step, a brick to the brick, a ruble to the ruble. + Luck.
  • 1% daily improvement. Kaizen. + Luck.
  • Today we have become even better than yesterday, and tomorrow we will and will be even better!
  • Details matter, as well as the whole.
  • Actions, luck, a successful event. And even an even better option.
  • We are moving along the path of our goals, with intermediate results, to our main and sacred goal with the result.
  • All for the sake of and for man, nature ... Everything is for the good of man, nature, and therefore for his own personal good and nature.
  • Study. Observation. Cognition. Formation. Measure. Matter. Information. Act. Development. Growth. Hardening. An experience. Becoming. Adjustment. Result. Yourself.
  • One common goal, will solve everyone's goals.
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